Welcome to N4YQT's Satellite Dish Farm.

Unimesh/Echostar 10 ASI

My first C/Ku band antenna was an Echostar Unimesh (model ASI-10) 10 foot diameter mesh parabolic reflector.
My second C/Ku band is a Birdview 8.5 foot diameter solid, spun, aluminum parabolic reflector.
Transporting My Paraclipse (model 12 CD) 12 foot diameter parabolic reflector to replace the ASI-10.
Before and after pictures of the Tornado Damage to my dish farm.
The rebuilt and repaired Satellite Dish Farm after the Tornado.

WANTED: A Paraclipse 16 PRO or a 14.5 (PRO, CD, or Islander PT), new or used, in any condition.
Paraclipse 16 PRO Paraclipse 14.5 CD

WANTED: Channel Master Para-Scope 4250 4251 or Antennacraft P-7 P-5 UHF TV television parabolic antennas, new or used, in any condition.
Channel Master Para-Scope 4250 and 4251 UHF TV parabolic antennas.
Antennacraft P-7 and P-5 UHF TV parabolic antennas.
If you can help me find one of these satellite dishes or UHF TV antennas, please contact me at N4YQT@YAHOO.COM. Thank you.

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